Ayalon Consulting

Ayalon Consulting is a San Antonio based digital marketing firm that understands the demographics of Bexar County. We know how your clientele thinks, and how to attract more of them to your business.

Website Design & Development

First impressions matter. Experts say we assess new ideas between 30 seconds and two minutes. This is why it is vital to have a modern and easy to navigate website. It is often the first place a prospective client visits before they choose where to spend their money.

Web design today is far different then it was a decade ago. Advanced scripts are now required to make websites functional. HTML 5 has superseded previous coding languages, and with it a new design. We create websites that are visually engaging which will invite people to connect to your business.

Some of our Services

Continued support on our websites

Customized email addresses

We provide hosting for our client's websites

Responsive websites that are accessible on mobile devices

Social Media Marketing

79 % of smartphone owners check their device within minutes of waking up every morning. According to the latest research, people in the United States check their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts at least once every hour, if not more.

Creating a social media presence does not mean just having an account. We use effective digital strategies to help you grow your online presence, connect with your customers, and represent your brand.

Some of our Services

Social Media account creation

Analysis on your social media metrics and demographics

Social media campaigns that target your audience

Engaging content for your social media accounts